Our culture jamming project will be directed to those who have any negative preconceived notions or held a blind eye toward secondhand clothing as well as those who haven't considered the many advantages to thrifting. We also want our project to reach out to everyone and anyone who is interested in reducing their mass consumption, day-to-day. We especially want our message to resonate with women who purchase excessive amounts of clothing in order to keep up with current trends, as such, key parts of our message will likely target young, trendy women.

Vintage clothing has become increasingly popular and we see many modern-day mass-producing clothing companies such as H&M, The Gap, Urban Outfitters, etc., that create "new" pieces that mimic vintage design -- they recognize that there is in fact a demand for older styles. We recognize that there are many people, similar to ourselves, who have a genuine interest and love for thrift shopping. We hope to reach those who already love thrifting in hopes of inspiring them to act as advocates among their peers.
We intend to convey our message in an intelligent yet playfull way in order to invite people to thrift rather then guilt them into it.