Content Planning

1) We will be creating a short film about thrift shopping and the video will reveal how advantageous thrift shopping can be. The movie will emphasize how passive consumers have become, and pin-point the many people out there who have never considered purchasing thrifted or second-hand items before. The movie will show that given a little push by providing them with some background info on the advantages of thrift shopping, the non-thrifter will be more open to the idea of purchasing second-hand clothing or house items rather than giving into mass consumerism.
2) We are considering creating an editorial: A collection of images that consist of people wearing purely secondhand clothing that we will buy from a local thrift or secondhand clothing store in a appealing way. We hope that the editorial will show our audience that wearing second-hand clothing, can be extremely style-savvy while being environmentally-conscious, as well as going against the other negative impacts of mass consumerism.
3) We are considering doing a clothing swap UTM in a space in the student centre. We often see random vendors who sell anything from perfume to accessories, and so on in the student centre, so we're going to do something a little different. We will do the opposite and use the space as a venue for people to trade and "swap" clothing, instead of buying new things & contributing to mass consumerism.
4) We will document social experiments including:
- placing a thrifted good in a place of mass consumption (eg. mall or big-chain store) and documenting interest
- recording people's attitude towards thrifting, as well as their interest in an outfit before and after being informed of its secondhand quality
5) We will create a glam ad to show trendy over-consumers that thrifting does not compromise style, quality or trendiness.